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Founded in 2011, the LeadSMART Training Solutions, Inc., educational offerings include certification courses in OSHA safety standards, employee respirator protection and Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License renewal in addition to its stellar EPA RRP (Renovation, Repair & Painting) and MA LSR (Lead Safe Renovation) classes.

LeadSMART offers a wide range of online safety courses including the latest OSHA update for Confined Spaces as well as Spanish language classes.  Private training is also offered to address the unique needs of any client’s organization.

Founder and senior principle trainer, Peter Lawton, has 30+ years of experience in the residential construction and remodeling business, including a wealth of knowledge of Massachusetts, EPA, and OSHA regulations. Contact Peter at peter@leadsmarttraining.com if you have jobsite questions or to discuss a private training session.

We encourage our members and all contractors to utilize LeadSMART for all your training needs.   Follow the links below to register:

Moderate Risk Deleading:  To enroll in this 4-hour class, registrants must already have been certified as a MA Lead Safe Renovator-Supervisor. Otherwise, students can contact CLPPP and enroll in the CLPPP 16-hour course. However, students would only be certified to perform Mod Risk work and not RRP Renovation work. By taking the 8-hour MA RRP class, and then enrolling in this 4-hour class, registrants will get both certificates in less time.



RRP or LSR Initial:  Learn everything you need to know to comply with the EPA RRP and/or MA LSR regulations. In just one day, you will get real information from a contractor-instructor who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.  Upon successful completion of this 8-hour class, attendees will be issued an EPA Certified Renovator or MA Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor certificate, good for five years.



RRP or LSR Refresher:  All updates of the law will be covered. As with the initial class, you will get real information from a contractor-instructor. Upon successful completion of this 4-hour class, attendees will be issued an EPA Certified Renovator or MA Lead Safe Renovation-Supervisor Refresher certificate, good for another five years.



CSL Renewal / 12 CEU:  All courses are approved by the MA BBRS.

A 2-day course, #CS-4404, and is approved for the required topics as listed below:

  • Workplace Safety (2 CEUs)
  • Business Practices (2 CEUs)
  • Lead Safety (2 CEUs)
  • Code Review (2 CEUs)
  • Energy (2 CEUs)
  • Elective (2 CEUs)

Certificate issued at completion of course.



CSL Renewal / 4 CEU:  A 4-hour course, #CS-4403, and is approved for the required topics listed below:

  • Code Review (2 CEUs)
  • Energy (2 CEUs)

If the student has taken an RRP Initial course and only needs 4 more CEUs, this course will meet the 12 CEU requirement needed for CSL Renewal. Certificate issued at completion of course.



OSHA 10 Construction:  A 2-day awareness training that introduces the employee to a variety of overall safety concepts. The course is intended to raise the employee’s level of understanding of how to work and act safely on job sites, which have an ever changing number of hazards.  A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course.