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2014 Spring Golf Outing – Tuesday, May 20th – registrations still being accepted…

2014 Conference and Vendor Expo – November 7, 8 and 9
Sneak peek at the presenters and workshops available…

PRIMER May 2014

  1.  Learn how to estimate accurately – don’t blame paint prices if you can’t make money on a job!
  2.  Discover published production rates for all painting tasks and measure your painter’s abilities against these standards!
  3.  Learn how to sell on service, not price!
  4.  Protect yourself against unfair practices by using the PDCA Standards – never touch up your finished work for free again.
  5.  You can ask your peers for help with solutions to a difficult customer or project. You can borrow specialty tools, and even painters, from your peers when you’re in a pinch to complete a project
  6.  When you attend PDCA Chapter meetings, you get to spend time talking with major paint vendor reps, EPA RRP inspectors, OSHA officers, social media experts, marketing consultants, etc.
  7.  You can help give back to your community by contributing labor to charity painting projects.
  8.  As a PDCA member, you will always be the first to learn about new products, rules and industry news.
  9.  You’ll have access to the web’s most complete resource of technical courses on everything related to running a painting company, from the restoration of historic windows to hiring and firing employees.
  10.  Finally, you get to measure your company against other members’ – and learn from them how to get better, or teach them how to improve theirs. Share business strategies with other successful members in a non-competitive and supportive environment.